Game 157: Northern Illinois @ Wisconsin

Early evening summer kickoff in Madison = perfect day.  The day begins with a stop around the Capitol to experience one of the Midwest’s finest and largest farmer’s markets.  Fans draped in red herd over to the terrace to enjoy a beverage by the lake and take in a peaceful afternoon.  From here, your choice of tailgates are endless finishing with the pregame band concert near Camp Randall Stadium.

The opening day crowd piles in filled with dreams of endless possibilities for the season ahead.  Some nerves begin to twitch as untested quarterback Scott Tolzien comes out onto the field ready to lead the Badgers in his first start and his first offensive possession.  All eyes were on Tolzien as he steps back and spots an open Isaac Anderson for an easy 80 yard touchdown pass causing the crowd to trampoline upward, scream in amazement, and mentally award Tolzien with first team Big Ten QB.  As the game progressed, the Badgers would slowly maintain control of the game amassing a 28-6 lead at the close of the third quarter.  However, the Huskies were holding the same endless possibilities of a new season as well and refused to give up.  Two touchdowns later, Northern Illinois was down by 8 and looking for a chance to tie.  However, the Badger defense found a way to step up when needed and finished off a perfect day in Madison…for Badger fans anyway.

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