Game 158: Fresno State @ Wisconsin

Fresno State should have no concerns entering this big matchup.  The Bulldogs have been to enough high-intensity college football stadiums to start their own college football tour.  Camp Randall Stadium?  They are not anxious about this stadium that is considered to be one of the most daunting in the country.

Furthermore, if any of the players have taken Fresno State Football 101, they would know that the Bulldogs have been here, done that back in 2001 when FSU stomped UW sending shock waves through the college football universe.  Haven’t any of the major college football teams learned by now that teams like Fresno State, TCU, and Boise State are off limits.  They will use your elevated status just to elevate their own.  The Bulldogs were looking to repeat history as they barked out to a 14-0 lead.  A silenced Camp Randall did not appear stunned.  Wisconsin did not appear stunned either as they calmly collected themselves, and climbed back to send the game into overtime…double overtime.

It was then that a poor throw by Fresno landed in the wrong hands ending their possession and allowing the Badgers to simply kick a 22 yard field goal and escape from the giant killing Bulldogs.  Now with struggles over Northern Illnois and Fresno State, Wisconsin looks ahead with much caution.  Fresno State can go on touring confident that they put on a show stopping performance every time.


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