Game 169: Tulane @ Houston

The stands did not reflect the near sell-out crowd recorded in the box score after the Cougars’ victory over the Green Wave. Perhaps it was the lack of QB Case Keenum that kept fans away. Houston’s electrifying quarterback was set to break the all-time passing yard record this season when UCLA took out his ACL last week. The lower fan numbers could also be due to the loss of Houston’s backup QB due to a broken collarbone. Although both these factors can drain the energy out of a fan base, so can mid 90 degree temperatures and a sun that just could not find a cloud to hide behind. Usually, Cougar games take place at night, but this time, the television schedule would not allow for a sun strokeless event. Rather, Houston fans were forced to fry as they watched the third string quarterback, Terrance Broadway, take charge of the offense.

As the Cougars pounced for a 21-0 lead, the fans began to grow comfortable. The roar of the Cougar and the blast of the siren after each touchdown were relieving sounds to the red clad fans. However, Tulane gave their band something to play for as the Green Wave washed away Houston’s lead to five late in the game. Despite the comeback, the Cougars managed to finish with a splash of their own as the game’s unofficial MVP, Bryce Beall, struck late for a touchdown followed by an interception return that put the game out of reach.


When a game is hot according to Houston standards, you know that no amount of sunscreen, ice down the back, or Robertson Stadium’s red “Cougar Brew” is going to bring enough relief. Being accustomed to a climate controlled dome for home games, Tulane cheerleaders and band members had to give that extra effort to muster some spirit. The palm trees that mark the vertices around the stadium barely swayed indicating a stifling environment. The press box side of the stadium offered some shade and fans began to shift over creating a visual imbalance. The Cougar band remained in the blazing sun intensified by their heavy uniforms. Yet, the effects of the heat slowly became an afterthought as the Cougars expanded their lead and sent home the fans happy. Upon leaving the stadium, a rain cloud offered a cool shower as a reward for those fans who stuck it out to the end. For the college football tour, it was off to the nightcap at Rice…

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