Passion for football in the south does not solely reside inside the cavernous stadiums of the SEC. The tiny town of Troy, Alabama is proof of this fact. Game days begin with the Trojan marching band, The Sound of the South, gathering on the open green outside Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. Fans converge upon this spot to hear this active and talented band preview the upcoming halftime show. The band and fans then work together to form a tunnel leading the Trojan football team into the stadium. T-ROY, the Trojan mascot, along with a host of cheerleaders, greet the coaches and players as they exit their bus and lead the team through the band and the fans who stretch on their tiptoes to catch a glimpse. The band stays and entertains a while longer after the team enters their locker room and game day is officially underway.

Devotion for this town and team is certainly palpable. Trojan fans back their team with honor and pride and it’s evident just walking around Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. Tailgating falls a bit short compared to its college football brethren, but that does not strip this place of its passion. For being in a lower echelon conference, the stadium itself is impressive. Walking in, fans are greeted by the Trojan statue overlooking the double decks flanking each side. The Sound of the South arches around the concourse above the south end zone. They announce themselves with a Trojan fanfare and come charging through the stands onto the field to perform their pregame. The band really is the heartbeat of this atmosphere. They are sharp, on point, and creative throughout the duration of the game. The halftime and post game shows are high anticipated and well attended. It’s often easy to forget that football is the reason for buying a ticket.

Troy football has a lot of history and moving from the FCS to FBS level, they have maintained a solid level of success. The field is named after their legendary coach, Larry Blankney who has kept Troy football relevant through the years. Fans have responded and support their Trojans with great spirit.

The future of Veteran’s Memorial Stadium is promising with plans to renovate the north end zone with state of the art suites and locker room facilities. Game day in Troy is already a memorable experience, and the road ahead continues to look bright for this proud program.


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