Game 215: Georgia @ Georgia Tech

What’s the good word? Yell this around Georgia Tech and you are likely to hear in response, “To HELL with georgia!” This phrase is as common as “Hello” around campus. It wouldn’t even matter if the Yellow Jackets were playing the Bulldogs – damning Georgia is a full time job. This is one of the more underrated rivalries across the country. It’s a classic “nerds against jocks” battle. Lately the Georgia Jocks have owned this matchup, but both teams came in today at equal strength with identical records. Georgia would have to deal without their superstar, QB Aaron Murray. He was replaced by the very capable Hutson Mason, but RB Todd Gurley would have to carry a larger load.

It was senior day at Bobby Dodd Stadium and Tech fans were anxious to send them off the right way. The excitement began at Yellow Jacket Alley, where coach Paul Johnson led the team through a massive crowd of gold and white. The band blasted “Ramblin’ Wreck” and the madness was underway. Tailgating spread out through campus along with barking and buzzing among the Bulldog and Yellow Jacket fan bases. The tension continued to build as the stadium slowly filled. The Atlanta skyline looked down upon historic Grant Field’s 100th year of existence and a rivalry that holds just as much history.

We sat amongst a throng of Georgia faithful, barking out their cheers and arguing every call that went against their beloved Bulldogs. Much didn’t go their way early on as Georgia Tech jumped out to an early 20-0 lead. It appeared to be a day for a home team celebration, until Georgia’s Todd Gurley got a head of steam. Along with a solid performance by Mason, Gurley and the Bulldog offense fought their way back to send the game to overtime tied at 27. Both teams would score in the opening stanza, but Gurley would shift all the momentum back to the red and black with a 25 yard dash to the end zone that would open the second overtime. The Yellow Jackets just couldn’t recover and lost 41-34. Bulldog fans hooted and hollered their way out of Bobby Dodd Stadium, while Tech fans marched solemnly to the exits with their heads held in disappointment.

Both teams completed a solid season, though, and bowl games will be assigned in their future. But, it will be another year of Tech fans continuing to build their hatred for their rival up the road, and another offseason of perfecting their battle cry, “To HELL with georgia!”

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