Located in north central North Carolina, Wake Forest brings spirit and tradition to the landscape of college football. While not a conventional powerhouse program, its history and passionate fan base make Demon Deacon nation stand out.

Tailgating sets up deep into the parking lots that surround BB&T Field. License plates that read “GO DEACS” and “DEACMOBL” indicate an intense devotion to the team.

Pregame festivities are initiated with the Deacon Walk, which features the Wake Forest team arriving to the stadium and circling the famous Deacon statue all while walking through fans, the band, the mascot and cheerleaders. “O Here’s To Wake Forest” proudly rings through the air – gameday has begun.

The mascot, with its top hat, white hair, bow tie, and coat tails hasn’t always been the representative of this university.

Wake Forest was known as the Tigers, the Baptists, and simply The Old Gold and Black. But, it was a victory in the 1920s over their rival Trinity, now Duke, that inspired their current moniker. Their devilish play and spirit that day permanently nicknamed Wake Forest as the Demon Deacons.

Two enormous slabs of concrete flank either side of the gridiron that complete the structure of the stadium. A grassy hill on the south end is where many fans will lay out blankets and catch a unique, and even field level, view of the game.

The experience is heightened with a fervent fan base that cheers loud and loves their Deacs. From the moment the Demon Deacon makes his entrance on a motorcycle onto the field, the energy of the Old Gold and Black radiates throughout the stands.


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