Game 294: Georgia Tech @ Miami

For most of this game, it felt like Miami was sliding toward a win. Sure, Georgia Tech had two early touchdowns, but a defensive score and a fake punt don’t make headlines for the offense. The tied score at halftime equaled the tied score at the end of regulation, and the Hurricanes just couldn’t take advantage of any second-half magic or momentum to avoid an unnecessary overtime.

The highlight of the second half for Miami came when the Yellow Jackets fumbled the ball and the Canes recovered. A seemingly routine turnover caused a high energy reaction from the crowd that was sustained for a period of time, and it seemed longer than necessary for this type of play. Such commotion in the stands can only be caused by the anticipation for Miami’s beloved turnover chain. Much like the smoke that the team runs through upon entering the field, many have tried to emulate this tradition, but nothing is like the original. Shaq Quarteman earned the honor of having “305” dangle upon his chest and Hard Rock Stadium had a moment worth the price of admission.

The shimmers from the golden chain quickly tarnished as the fourth quarter forced Cane faithful to watch three short field goals fall short of the mark, the third being blocked forcing overtime as the clock struck all zeroes. Any one of those would’ve given Miami a win. Instead, Georgia Tech struck first in overtime, and Miami came up inches short on a fourth down during their possession. 

The Yellow Jacket team wildly swarmed the field as the referee held his hands inches apart signifying Miami’s near miss on fourth down. Georgia Tech players flashed the “U” upside down to sting their conference rivals a bit further. 

The somber postgame press room featured a funeral march of players struggling to find an explanation for the loss. There really wasn’t one. As DL Trevon Hill repeatedly stated through gritted teeth, “We didn’t execute.”

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