The U.
It’s nationally known and respected.
A dominant decade of swagger-saturated championships in the 1980s established the Miami Hurricanes as a college football stalwart. Gamedays are special here because it’s evident how much the Canes have impacted the college football world.

It’s starts with the fans. Wigs, costumes, and face paint take on a new meaning at Miami. Passion is expressed with more than just a bookstore tshirt – it’s artfully donned in a variety of vivid apparel. It won’t be strange if you come dressed in any type of orange and green creation.

Those fans gather in large numbers to welcome their team for the pregame Hurricane walk. Here is where you will also begin to see throngs of Miami faithful “flashing the U.” This iconic hand symbol is nationally recognized and become firmly embedded into the gameday culture at Miami.

Smoke that billows from the tunnel as a team enters the stadium may seem like a widespread tradition that most schools embrace. However, it’s Miami that originated the idea. In an attempt to spark fan interest in the 1950s, smoke by way of fire extinguisher became part of the Hurricanes grand entrance, and the tradition grew both in Miami and nationwide. Because it is such a part of their brand, the anticipation for the Canes running through the smoke is unlike anywhere else.

The state of Florida became a house of national college football powers in the late 20th century and Miami was an enormous part of that transformation. When attending a game at Hard Rock Stadium, it’s clear that Hurricane fans have the passion to make an atmosphere that matches the powerful history of their team.

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