Game #343: FAU @ Charlotte

This game had a must-win feel to it for Charlotte. Coming in with just two victories, the 49ers couldn’t afford many more losses before facing bowl ineligibility. Florida Atlantic couldn’t give away wins either. Seeking the postseason, both teams were set to clash on this Friday night of Halloween weekend.

A sizable crowd filled the stadium and the energy began to buzz as the post 5pm traffic surged and the weekend officially began. Charlotte rewarded the 49er faithful in Jerry Richardson Stadium by denting the scoreboard first with a field goal. But, a different Richardson would capture the headlines. FAU quarterback Daniel Richardson tossed three touchdowns and took command of a game that statistically was rather balanced. 

The 38-16 final felt like a backbreaker for the Charlotte season. A bowl game felt out of reach, while the FAU Owls appeared resurgent. Being able to capitalize on a manageable November slate will determine Florida Atlantic’s postseason fate.

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